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MOXIE: A Happenstance Vaudeville

Winner of two Helen Hayes Awards! Outstanding Costume Design and Musical Direction

A theatrical collage inspired by the Great Age of Vaudeville, infused with the joys and struggles of its performers' lives. In homage to the style and spirit of this immensely popular theatre from the late 19th Century, Happenstance Theater brings old Vaudeville back. 



"With its stream of motley diversions, Moxie has the piquant flavor and pacing that surely contributed to vaudeville's appeal. At the same time, this show maintains a sly modern perspective, drawing attention to the old-fashioned nature of many of its acts."                                                                                    -  The Washington Post                                                      FULL REVIEW HERE

                             BROADWAY WORLD:

"Moxie: A Happenstance Vaudeville gives your rambunctious youngster a few moments of gleeful anarchy, your friends a little of the old soft shoe, while mom & dad can "ooh" and "aah" over Sabrina Mandell's stunning period costumes and some truly beautiful tableaux."   - Broadway World

                                     FULL REVIEW HERE

              DC METRO THEATRE ARTS:

                      "Moxie: A Happenstance Vaudeville is a delightful, energetic 90-minute                        sojourn through pre-radio\TV entertainment, good for audiences young                        and old."        -  DC Metro Theatre Arts                                                                                                                               FULL REVIEW HERE


                                            THE HE SAID SHE SAID EXPERIENCE BLOG:

She Said:  "Each player, armed with enormous and versatile talents prove why we should bring Vaudeville back." 

He Said:  "This visual history lesson takes us on a journey through Vaudeville, and shows us some of the craziest aspects of the acts on the circuits."  - The He Said She Said Experience Blog


                                                              FULL REVIEW HERE

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