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BON VOYAGE! features 6 dreamers who meet on the way to Paris at the end of the 19th Century, the obstacles and surprises they encounter, their comic misadventures at the Moulin Rouge, the Métro, the Catacombs, and the Grand Universal Exposition.

This show reminds us of the beautiful values of
Liberty, Equality, and Camaraderie.


“In Bon Voyage! A Happenstance Escapade, the genial clowns seem plucked from the streets of 19th-century France as they bumble happily toward a Grand Exposition in Paris. Bon Voyage! is a timely summer escape from a troupe with a feathery touch. They have cornered the local theatrical market on joy."      - The Washington Post

“Sunny and cheerful...the acting troupe is family-friendly and endearing. Happenstance Theatre’s Bon Voyage! A Happenstance Escapade is a joy; let it take you away from the world and fill you full of glee...a wonderful, sunny, family-friendly, throw-back of an escape.”    
    - DC Metro Theater Arts

“[A] love letter to Paris…it is refreshing to remember that theater as an art form is, at its essence, what happens between an actor and his or her audience and the space between them.  Happenstance never forgets this. The work feels like a children’s travel book come to life. Truly, the Happenstance Theater lets audience members, young and old, unabashedly discover wonder again.”        - DC Theatre Scene

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