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DaDA is haha! HAHA!


The setting is the surrealist Cabaret ReVoltaire owned by Madam Proprietor and operated by Middle-Man and the New Girl. It is wartime. The guests are Visionaries. A Futurist and Dadaist walk into the bar. This is not a joke. Art becomes life. Beware of Forgeries! Text is from ACTUAL Manifestos. See the Capitalist and Communist tango and watch beauty rise from the absurd. These are trying times, MANIFESTO excites everything!   



Manifesto! Trailer

Manifesto! Trailer


“These merry pranksters get it!…glorious nuggets of nonsense…a delightful romp through the surreal…an extra-sensory extravaganza…it is belly-laugh humor”.                                    

                                  - Washington City Paper

“…an ingeniously oddball deconstruction…brash…seductive…Futurism and dadaism pulsed with revolutionary zeal”.

                   - The Washington Post

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