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"Transcendent and provocative…Happenstance provides immeasurable entertainment with its comedy, music, and artistry…A characteristically compelling, intelligent, and thought-provoking hour of unique, outstanding, must-see theater." – DC Theater Arts


"ADRIFT is full of wonders! Part Samuel Beckett, part Monty Python, part Lewis Carroll, part opium dream, and part Hieronymus Bosch…Highly entertaining." – Talkin' Broadway


"Charming and beautifully crafted…Its multiskilled ensemble, both as performers and craftspeople, raise the bar and transform a sketch comedy act into something far stranger and more beautiful…Skillfully performed and stylistically integrated, this eclectic pastiche of medieval symbols are a splendid homage to the source materials." – The Observer

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A ship of fools adrift at sea.

They ask, “What do we do now?”

After an apocalypse, the search begins.


Characters from the paintings of Hieronymus Bosch, archetypes from the Tarot, and medieval marginalia are brought to life in this ingeniously staged production of theatrical alchemy using live music, physical comedy, puppetry, and so much more.


This pod of eccentrics will drift into the world to bring delight, share hopes and fears, and find a way forward. 


A dynamic medieval tapestry of pure theater…and it wouldn’t be the Middle Ages without a hellmouth, demons, and angels.

The creation of ADRIFT was sponsored by John Shields, Holly Hassett, Dirk Keaton in honor of Sofya Leonova, and Dick Kovar and the development was done as a residency at Joe's Movement Emporium.

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