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pinot+augustine #6 Photo by Leslie Swan.


Photo by Leslie Swan

"If you’d like to, or need to be reminded of the pure and simple joy of life, PINOT  & AUGUSTINE will do the trick. Their show is pure entertainment, clean and fresh fun...

The Most Adorable Show in the World!"

                                           - DC Metro Theatre Arts

A 45-minute, bilingual, guaranteed crowd-pleaser,  PINOT & AUGUSTINE is a classic, family-friendly clown duo inspired by the golden age of Circus.  Pinot is the authoritarian clown in fancy clothes and white cone hat. Augustine is the appealing red-nosed bumbler who punctures his pomposity.  Their show bubbles over with physical comedy, virtuosity and musical surprises from the sublime to the ridiculous: from lyrical melodies on a musical saw to pratfalls and a whoopee cushion. 

P and A cutout_edited.png

PINOT & AUGUSTINE have appeared all over the world and are a hit with audiences of every age. The show is very adaptable and is available for booking in Theatres, for assembly programs, school performances, street festivals, in cabarets.

pinot and augustine cutout_edited.png

PINOT & AUGUSTINE is performed by Mark Jaster and Sabrina Mandell. They are also expert teachers and are available to lead workshops in Physical Comedy, Mime, Ensemble Devising and/or Theatrical Clown. Workshops can be adapted for any age and experience level, from grade school to Master classes.

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