pinot+augustine #6 Photo by Leslie Swan.



If you’d like to, or need to be reminded of the pure and simple joy of life, PINOT  & AUGUSTINE will do the trick. Their show is pure entertainment, clean and fresh fun...

The Most Adorable Show in the World!

                                           - DC Metro Theatre Arts

PINOT & AUGUSTINE have appeared all over the world and are a hit with audiences of every age. The show is adaptable and is available for booking in Theatres, assembly programs, school performances, for street festivals, in cabarets, and PINOT & AUGUSTINE are also available as strolling entertainment for events.

A sure-fire 45-minute, bilingual, crowd-pleaser,  PINOT & AUGUSTINE is a classic, family-friendly clown duo inspired by the golden age of Circus.  Pinot is the authoritarian clown in fancy clothes and white cone hat. Augustine is the appealing red-nosed bumbler who punctures his pomposity.  Their show bubbles over with physical comedy, virtuosity and musical surprises from the sublime to the ridiculous: from lyrical melodies on a musical saw to pratfalls and a whoopee cushion.