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Happenstance Theater is developing a new work inspired by medieval imagery and archetypes collected from the works of Hieronymous Bosch, Pieter Bruegel, the Tarot, and reinterpretations of religious art. Drawing parallels between our current moment and the "dark ages," the ensemble will explore and exploit buffoonery, magic, notions of good, evil, and absurdity with angelic music, devised and existing text, puppetry and movement. Like a ship of fools, this pod of eccentrics will drift into the world to bring delight, share hopes and fears, find a way forward, and then parade away. 

It will premiere at the end of January 2023 at Joe's Movement Emporium. 

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"All of the role-juggling performers prove themselves to be adepts of the deadpan, the sidelong glance, the freeze and the pregnant pause."

               - The Washington Post